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Call for paper:

International Refereed Journal Of Engineering Science And Technology (IRJEST) ,is an open access journal and Monthly peer Reviewed international journal  that provide rapid publication in all areas of the subject . The submission manuscripts paper that meets all areas like Engineering, Science and Technology.

International Refereed Journal Of Engineering Science &Technology

Submission last date

Nov 15, 2020

Author Notification

7 to 10 days

Journal Publication



 Topics Covered

 Faculty of Engineering

Ø Software Engineering

Ø Artificial Intelligence

Ø Web and internet computing

Ø Soft Computing (Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems.)

Ø DSP/Image Processing/Pattern Recognition/Multimedia

Ø Computer Architecture and Real time Systems

Ø Intelligent Information & Database Systems

Ø Algorithms and Bioinformatics

Ø Deep Learning

Ø Database and Data Mining

Ø Dependable, reliable and autonomic computing

Ø Distributed and parallel systems &algorithms

Ø Embedded system and software

Ø Game and software engineering

Ø Geographical Information Systems/Global Navigation Satellite Systems 

Ø Grid and scalable computing

Ø Machine learning

Ø Mobile and ubiquitous computing

Ø Modeling and Simulation

Ø Multimedia systems and services

Ø Networking and communications

Ø Parallel and Distributed Systems

Ø Security and Information Assurance

Ø Automation & Control Theory

Ø Aeronautical Engineering

Ø Aerospace Engineering

Ø Agricultural Engineering

Ø Architecture& Planning

Ø Audio Engineering

Ø Automotive Engineering

Ø Biomechanical& Biomedical Engineering

Ø Bio Technology

Ø Biological& Bio system Engineering

Ø Control Engineering 

Ø Chassis Engineering

Ø Chemical Engineering

Ø Chemical and Energy Technology

Ø Combustion & Propulsion

Ø Computational Linguistics

Ø Civil Engineering

Ø Electrical Engineering

Ø Electromechanical System Engineering

Ø Electronics& Communication Engineering

Ø Electronics Engineering

Ø Engineering Chemistry

Ø Engineering Management

Ø Engineering Mathematics

Ø Engineering Physics

Ø Engineering Sciences

Ø Environment Engineering

Ø Food Engineering

Ø Food Technology

Ø Forensic Engineering

Ø Forensic Science and Technology

Ø Forestry Engineering

Ø Gas Engineering

Ø Game Theory and Decision Science

Ø Geo Technical Engineering

Ø Geological Engineering

Ø Human Computer Interaction

Ø Human resource management issues in innovation

Ø Importance of Cross Cultural Skills in Management

Ø Industrial and Manufacturing System Technologies

Ø Industrial Engineering

Ø Inflation V/s International Business

Ø Information exchange on engineering sciences

Ø Innovation and Management of Renewable Resources

Ø Innovation Policy and Management

Ø Innovation, Management and Technology

Ø Integrated Engineering

Ø International collaborative programs and systems

Ø Manufacturing & Machinery

Ø Management and Technology

Ø Management of Innovation and Technology

Ø Management of Technology Education and Research

Ø Management of Technology in Developing Countries

Ø Managing IT and E-Commerce

Ø Manufacturing Engineering

Ø Marine Engineering

Ø Materials Engineering

Ø Microelectronics & Electronic Packaging

Ø Mechanical Engineering

Ø Mineral& Metallurgical Engineering

Ø Mining Engineering

Ø Model Engineering

Ø Medical Informatics

Ø Metallurgy

Ø Nanotechnology

Ø National and Regional Systems of Innovation

Ø Nava l Architectural Engineering

Ø New Product / Service Development

Ø New Product Development

Ø Nuclear Engineering

Ø Ocean Engineering

Ø Oil Engineering

Ø Petroleum Engineering

Ø Production Engineering

Ø Quality and Reliability Engineering 

Ø Robotics and Automation Engineering

Ø Remote Sensing

Ø Software Engineering

Ø Sound Engineering

Ø Structural Engineering

Ø Statistical Methods and Application

Ø System Engineering

Ø Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology

Ø Power Engineering

Ø Telecommunication Engineering

Ø Textile Engineering

Ø Transport Systems and Traffic Engineering

Ø Water Resource Engineering

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