Q : What type of journal is IRJEST?

 Ans: IRJEST is a Blind Peer Reviewed refereed international journal in engineering, Science and Technology in online form and it is published in English, monthly issues.

 Q : What is IRJIET peer-review policy?

 Ans: Articles submitted to IRJEST are usually sent out to peer reviewers ,although  submissions that are out of scope for the journal or are of an unacceptably low standard may be rejected without review. Potentially suitable manuscripts will generally be reviewed by at least two anonymous external referees. With the aim of reaching a first decision as soon as possible.

 Q. Infrastructure: The activities necessary to execute a company's business model.

 Ans. The main infrastructure, is to have Office space and hosting servers. These resources could be human, financial, physical and intellectual.

 Q. Offering: The product(s) a/or service(s) business offers.

 Ans. Providing service platform for publishing research works from Industry and Academia

 Q. Customers: The target audience for a business' products and/or services, as well as how the business delivers the products and/or services to their customers.

 Ans. Researchers ,Faculty of Engineering's/ Science Scholars and Students and Independent Consultants and Researchers.

 Q. Finances: How revenue is generated through the implemented business model.

 Ans. Authors such as, Researchers , Faculty of Engineering's/ Science Scholars and Students and Independent Researchers and Consultants submit their research works and will be reviewed. Once the research work is accepted. Authors pays for the services.